Individual Therapy

If you’ve been struggling on your own to resolve issues in your life and talking to friends or relatives hasn’t helped, this may be a good time to seek professional help.

Wendy can help you address a wide range of issues such as:
· Depression, sadness, difficulty feeling happy
· Self-esteem, shame and guilt
· Marital problems and relationship issues with family, friends or co-workers
· Anxiety, panic, shyness
· Coping with losses, infidelity, separation or divorce
· Overcoming a history of physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse
· Stress reduction
· Life changes and transitions

Individual Therapy can help you:
· Heal past traumas and hurts
· Increase self-esteem
· Manage anger, depression and anxiety
· Cope with life changes
· Develop more fulfilling relationships

In Individual Therapy, the therapist becomes a witness, validating your experience and providing a forum to work through issues. Wendy is respectful and tailors her approach based on individual needs.

For more information or an appointment, call Wendy Trainor at 416.204.0336 or email Wendy.